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SupaTec SBS Torch-On Sand Underlay - 15m x 1m - SAND

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Colour: Sand
Supa Tec Torch SBS Underlay - 15m x 1m - SAND is a modified bitumen underlay designed to provide superior protection and insulation for roofing projects. It is constructed from SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene), making it extremely durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures without becoming brittle or cracking. The product measures 15 metres long by 1 metre wide and is 50kg in weight. It is 2.2mm thick and has a fine sand finish on the top side, with a plastic foil finish on the bottom side for extra protection.

This product can be attached to the roof either through torching or cold felt adhesive, depending on the user’s preference and needs. The life expectancy of Supa Tec Torch SBS Underlay is estimated at 10 years or more, depending on location and climate conditions. Thanks to its unique flexible properties even in low temperatures, this product can be used in many different climates without fear of damage due to low temperature extremes.

Supa Tec Torch SBS Underlay provides users with proven thermal performance as well as superior value for money when compared to other similar products available on the market today. This reliable underlay solution provides users with an efficient way of protecting their roofs from water damage while also ensuring maximum insulation benefits throughout the year.
Key Features


• Supa Tec Torch SBS Underlay
• Available Roll Size: 15m x 1m x 50kg (2.2mm thick)
• SBS (Styrene - Butadiene - Styrene)
• Modified Bitumen

• Underlay

• Torching on / Cold Felt Adhesive

• 10 years +

• Plastic Foil

• Fine Sand

• 0C

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