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Raised Pond

Timber DIY is proud to offer the perfect addition to any outdoor space: Raised Garden Ponds.

Constructed from slow-grown spruce timber, these above ground raised garden ponds are renowned for their elegant design and classic look. With a selection of sizes available, all ponds measure 1000 mm deep as standard. To ensure your raised pond remains safe and secure, we also provide a range of liners. Discover the endless possibilities of introducing a beautiful and versatile Timber DIY Raised Garden Pond to your outdoor space. Create a stunning and eco-friendly focal point, perfect for aquatic plants and fish, with easy-to-follow instructions and customisable designs. Enhance your garden and bring tranquillity with a raised garden pond for sale today.


  • Original price £755.00 - Original price £3,601.00
    Original price
    £755.00 - £3,601.00
    £755.00 - £3,601.00
    Current price £755.00

    Raised Garden Pond 70mm

    Timber DIY

    Raised Garden Ponds are the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space. Constructed from slow-grown spruce timber, these ponds provide a class...

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    Original price £755.00 - Original price £3,601.00
    Original price
    £755.00 - £3,601.00
    £755.00 - £3,601.00
    Current price £755.00
  • Original price £480.00 - Original price £1,220.00
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    £480.00 - £1,220.00
    £480.00 - £1,220.00
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    Raised Garden Pond 44mm

    Timber DIY

    Introducing the Raised Garden Pond 44mm, a stunning addition to your outdoor space. This garden pond is not just a water feature, but a statement p...

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    Original price £480.00 - Original price £1,220.00
    Original price
    £480.00 - £1,220.00
    £480.00 - £1,220.00
    Current price £480.00

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Raised Ponds by Timber DIY

As a leading timber merchant in Hull, East Yorkshire, England, Timber DIY is committed to bringing your garden to life with our diverse range of raised garden pond ideas. Our collection caters to various tastes and requirements, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Whether you're looking for raised fish pond ideas to create a tranquil home for your aquatic pets or exploring raised pond ideas for a unique water feature, we have an array of options to inspire you.

Our raised garden pond ideas are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden while also providing a habitat for local wildlife. For those who appreciate the beauty and tranquillity that koi bring, our raised koi pond ideas offer the perfect solution. These designs combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating a serene and captivating focus point in your garden.

Our collection also includes options for a raised fish pond, allowing you to enjoy the sight of fish swimming in your own garden. These ponds are not only visually appealing but also add a sense of calm and tranquillity to any outdoor space. At Timber DIY, we believe that a pond can transform a garden into a haven of peace and relaxation. Browse through our selection of pond ideas today and discover how you can bring a touch of nature's serenity to your garden.

More About Raised Pond

raised garden pond

Raised Ponds by Timber DIY

Raised Ponds by Timber DIY are renowned for their durability and strength, making them ideal for long-term use in your garden or outdoor space. The timber is also FSC certified, ensuring sustainable sourcing from managed forests. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, our above ground raised pond kits and raised fish ponds for sale have everything you need to add beauty and elegance to your garden. With our selection of sizes and liners, you can create the perfect pond for your outdoor space that will last for years to come! How to build a raised wooden pond: Building a raised pond is not as difficult as it may seem if you take your time following instructions carefully. First you'll need to mark out the desired size of your pond by outlining it with landscape edging or bricks. Then use soil or sand to build up the sides where you plan on placing your liner for your raised ponds. Next you will want to lay down some form of underlayment between the dirt base and the pond liner itself to help reduce punctures due to sharp objects underneath it. Last but not least add rocks around the perimeter of your raised pond basin before filling it with water so as to give it a natural look while providing shelter for beneficial inhabitants like frogs and fish!

raised garden pond in 70mm logs

Raised Ponds Kits

Raised Ponds Kits:

Our pond kits provide everything needed to install a beautiful and functional raised log pond in an outdoor garden. We provide the full log cabin kit along with an optional liner. Extras are required, such as a pond underlayment, pump and filter system, and then you can decorate your raised log pond to your desire, with rocks and gravel, decorations, plants and more. With a raised garden pond kit, homeowners can easily create a beautiful oasis of wildlife that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to the environment.

DIY Raised Garden Ponds:

Building a raised garden pond can be an exciting DIY project that offers both aesthetic beauty and practicality. At Timber DIY we have kits specifically designed for DIYers that include all the materials you need to build your own unique ground pond. The process involves creating an outline for the shape of your pond using landscape edging, then adding in layers of material such as topsoil, sand or gravel before installing the liner. Once your raised pond is complete, you simply fill it with water and add aquatic plants or fish to create a stunning visual effect with sound and motion from the cascading waterfall.

raised garden pond with koi karp fish

Free Standing Garden Pond Designs

Raised pond designs offer an alternative to traditional free-standing ponds. These ponds are built on a higher level than the ground and feature a raised basin that can be filled with water and aquatic plants. They are often designed with an overflow mechanism, to prevent flooding in your garden. Often the pond is surrounded by adding seating walls or boulders for aesthetic enhancement. This also provides additional space for other features such as fountains or bubblers, lighting elements, and even small fish or frogs. Raised ponds typically require more maintenance than free-standing ponds but create a much more eye-catching centrepiece for any outdoor living space. Our raised ponds by Timber DIY come in many different sizes; from small, shallow preformed ones for a balcony or patio, to large deep ponds ideal for Koi Karp of an exotic fish collection. Adding lighting effects to these water features will further enhance the tranquillity of the area and make them even more beautiful at night. Not only do raised garden ponds look great, but they also attract birds and other wildlife, providing an additional source of enjoyment for all who appreciate nature around their own raised pond.

raised garden wooden pond

Small Garden Ponds

Small ground ponds can bring a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity to any outdoor area, while also adding a unique element of beauty. These small water features are an excellent choice for those with limited space, as they generally take up less than ten square feet and can be installed quickly and easily. When designing your small raised pond, it's important to consider the surrounding landscape and choose plants that will thrive in or around the pond. Consider adding aquatic plants, such as water lilies or lotus, along with some colourful fish to add visual interest. Be sure to include an aerator or fountain pump to keep the water circulating so that you don't have stagnant areas. With proper maintenance and care, these small oases can provide years of enjoyment! Raised ponds are a popular way to add life and beauty to outdoor spaces. They offer the opportunity to create a tranquil oasis right in your own backyard. These elevated water features provide an eye-catching visual focal point with their shimmering waters, colourful fish, and aquatic plants.


Amazing support and fast delivery. I would highly reccomend Timber DIY to anyone who need a reliable service.

James B

We recently had the pleasure of using Timber DIY for our home renovation project and we could not be happier with the results! The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.

Sarah D

We couldn’t be more satisfied with Timber DIY’s services! We highly recommend Timber DIY if you need any Timber for home improvement-they are truly experts in their field!

Clive S

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