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Strotex Breathable Membrane - 50m x 1m

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Strotex Breathable Membrane - 50m x 1m is the golden standard when it comes to breathable membranes on the market. Approved by British Standard and certified with CE, this product stands up to the highest of standards and specifications. With a weight range of 95g-220g, Strotex is a high quality product that offers three times more protection than its CROMAR equivalent.

Read our comprehensive guide and FAQs on breathable membranes here.
Key Features

This membrane provides an extra layer of protection against exterior environmental elements such as dirt and dust as well as moisture that may have been getting through the external cladding systems. This helps guard against further penetration into the structure from these impurities, making it ideal for any construction project or maintenance job.

The lightweight design also allows for easy installation and maneuvering so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. The high performance membrane also boasts excellent vapor transmission rates and outstanding cold resistance, making it a great choice for roofing projects in areas with extreme weather conditions.

In addition to its impressive array of features, Strotex Breathable Membrane - 50m x 1m has been tested according to EN 13859-2 standards so you know you’re investing in a reliable product that will help protect your property from harsh weather conditions. Plus, with a 10 year lifespan warranty you can be sure that your purchase will last for years to come!

STROTEX Breathable Membrane - The Golden Standard on the market.

British standard approved + CE Certification.

When compared to CROMAR equivalents, STROTEX rolls stand up to the same/higher specification:

STROTEX 95g > CROMAR Vent 3 Light (85g)
STROTEX 115g > CROMAR Vent 3 Classic (115g)
STROTEX 135g > CROMAR Vent 3 Blue (135g)
STROTEX 150g has no equivalent.
STROTEX 170g > CROMAR Vent 3 Pro (165g) or TYVEK (155g) or EASYTRIM (162g)
STROTEX 220g > CROMAR Proctors Roof Shield (175g)

50m x 1m

Breathable Membrane prevents moisture that may have been getting through the external cladding from piercing further into the structure.

Breathable membranes also act as a secondary layer of protection to help prevent external environmental impurities such as dirt a

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