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Timber Framing

Timber Framing by Timber DIY is a great way to create a custom-built structure for your home. With its high-quality, pre-cut and treated lumber, it's easy to construct beautiful and reliable frames for walls, roofs, sheds and other structures. Our timber framing kits come in three sizes - 4x2, 2x2 and 3x2 - so you can choose the perfect size for your construction project. Whether you're looking to build a deck or add an extension to your house, Timber DIY has the right product for you.

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More About Timber Framing

What are the benefits of buying Tanalised Timber Framing?

What are the benefits of buying Tanalised Timber Framing?

Timber framing is an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional building methods like stick framing or masonry construction. The result is strong and stable structures that are able to withstand heavy loads - all while remaining aesthetically pleasing with clean lines and visible wood grain.

Tanalised timber framing is an ideal choice for a variety of projects due to its long lifetime, robustness, and resistance to decay and insect damage. It is also treated with preservatives that protect against rot, making it an excellent choice for outdoor uses such as fences, decks, or garden structures. The tanalisation process also gives the timber a beautiful golden colour that is characteristic of this type of wood. Additionally, it is available in a range of sizes including 4x2, 2x2 and 3x2 ensuring there's something suitable whatever your project size.

timber logs in various sizes

Where can I buy Tanalised Timber Framing? of course. Tanalised timber framing can be purchased from us in a variety of different sizes. Timber DIY offers a wide selection of sizes from 4x2, 2x2 and 3x2 - allowing you to choose the perfect size for your project.


What is the best use of Timber Framing?

Timber framing involves the use of timber beams and posts to create strong, sturdy structures that can last for centuries with proper maintenance. Timber framing is often used in residential construction, but it can also be used in commercial and industrial buildings as well.

The best use of timber framing is in creating beautiful, long-lasting structures such as homes and other buildings. Timber framing offers many benefits over traditional methods of building: it's stronger than most other types of construction, it's more energy efficient than brick or stone construction, and its natural aesthetic provides an attractive look for any structure. Additionally, timber frames are incredibly durable and require little upkeep over their lifetime; if treated properly they can last for generations with minimal effort required on the part of the owner or builder.

They also offer more flexibility when designing a structure since they can easily be customised with different designs, shapes, sizes and styles. Finally, since timber frames are so strong, they provide excellent protection from the elements such as wind shear forces that can damage weaker structures such as those made from lightweight materials like steel or aluminum. Overall, timber framing offers an incredibly dependable way to build long-lasting structures quickly and efficiently while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look that complements any home or business environment.

timber framing in various sizing

What are the safety guidelines when using Tanalised Timber Framing?

It is important to ensure that any timber used in construction projects meets high safety standards and complies with relevant building regulations - particularly those relating to moisture protection, fire safety, structural stability and more. When selecting your tanalised timber framing always make sure you check that the supplier has taken all necessary steps to provide you with safe materials that meet these requirements.


Amazing support and fast delivery. I would highly reccomend Timber DIY to anyone who need a reliable service.

James B

We recently had the pleasure of using Timber DIY for our home renovation project and we could not be happier with the results! The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.

Sarah D

We couldn’t be more satisfied with Timber DIY’s services! We highly recommend Timber DIY if you need any Timber for home improvement-they are truly experts in their field!

Clive S

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