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Polyester Shed Roofing Felt - Green Mineral - 10m x 1m

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The Polyester Shed Roofing Felt - Green Mineral - 10m x 1m - Ultimate Quality is an incredibly strong, flexible and long-lasting waterproofing roofing felt that has been designed for use on a variety of outdoor structures such as sheds, summerhouses, home offices, log cabins and garages.

The roof felt roll size is 10m x 1m x 25kg and it features a GREEN mineral slate top side with a film faced bottom side. It is made from polyester-based material which makes it ultra-strong in all weather conditions up to -15°C. To ensure its longevity, the felt should be fixed using galvanised clout nails spaced every 50mm, as well as a felt adhesive brushed along its edges.

When correctly installed this high quality roofing felt will provide up to 15 years of reliable protection against the elements. Its flexibility in cold weather also means it will retain its shape even during extreme temperatures or storms, ensuring that your outdoor building remains secure throughout the year.

This product is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions on how to ensure its waterproof properties are maximised. Furthermore, you don't need to peel off the film backing on this product so you can be sure of enjoying long-term protection without compromising on quality or durability.
Key Features

• Ultrapol SBS Polyester Mineral Shed Roofing Felt
• Roll Size: 10m x 1m x 25kg
• GREEN Mineral slate top side with a Film faced bottom side

• Polyester Based
• Ultra Strong
• Flexible in the coldest weather up to -15*C

• The Ultimate Waterproofing Roofing Felt - Used as a single layer
• Ideal to use on Sheds, Summerhouses, Home Office, Log Cabins and Garages

• Galvanised Clout nails spaced every 50mm
• Felt Adhesive brushed along edges
• Do not peel of the film backing on this product.

• 15 year

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Roofing felts

Polyester roofing felts are a great choice for your shed or outbuilding. They are made from a strong, durable polyester fabric that is lightweight and easy to install. The material is also resistant to UV light, so it won't fade or deteriorate over time. Polyester roofing felts provide excellent protection against the elements, including wind and rain. They can be used on flat roofs or pitched roofs, and they come in a variety of colors to match any decor. With proper installation, polyester roofing felts can last for many years with minimal maintenance required.

Roofing felts are an essential part of any roofing system as they provide an additional layer of protection between the shingles and the roof deck. Felt underlayment helps keep moisture away from the structure while providing a smooth surface for shingle installation. It also helps reduce heat loss in winter and provides additional insulation during summer months. Roofing felts come in different weights depending on the climate you live in and the type of roof you have.

shed roof felt

shed roof felt

Our polyester shed roofing felt in green mineral is the ideal choice for shed roofs due to its exceptional durability and weather-resistance. Sheds are often exposed to harsh elements like wind, rain, and snow, so it's essential to have a roof that provides reliable protection. Our roofing felt is made of high-quality polyester material that's reinforced with bitumen to make it extremely tough and durable.

The green mineral finish not only adds an attractive look to your shed but also provides an extra layer of UV protection to keep your roof in excellent condition. It's designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance, which means you can install it and forget about it, knowing that it'll do its job for years to come.

Our shed roofing felt is easy to handle and install, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to build their own sheds. It's flexible and pliable, making it easy to work with and fit around any shape or size of shed. It's also lightweight, which helps to make installation a breeze.

In short, our roofing felt is the best option for anyone looking to create a durable and reliable shed roof. It's built to last, looks great, and provides excellent protection from the elements. So whether you're building a new shed or need to replace your old roof, choose our shed roofing felt for the ultimate in quality and performance.

Roof Felt For Common Garden Buildings

Roof Felt For Common Garden Buildings

Our polyester shed roofing felt in green mineral is not limited to shed roofs alone, it can also be used on a wide range of common garden buildings. From summer houses to garden offices and workshops, our roofing felt is designed to provide reliable protection for all your outdoor structures.

Our roofing felt is made of high-quality polyester material that's reinforced with bitumen, which makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting. It's also waterproof, wind-resistant, and UV-protected. That means you can use it on any garden building that needs robust protection from the elements.

Whether you're building a new garden structure or need to replace the old roofing, our polyester roofing felt is a great choice. It's easy to install and handle, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts. The green mineral finish also adds an attractive look to your garden building, enhancing its overall appearance.

At Timber DIY, we understand that every garden building is unique and requires a particular type of roofing felt. That's why we offer different sizes of our roofing felt, making it easy for you to choose the perfect one to suit your needs. Our roofing felt can be used on a range of garden buildings, including summerhouses, playhouses, garden offices, workshops, and more.

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